Corning Museum of Glass

The Corning Museum of Glass is a self-explaining, it's a museum dedicated to glass associated with Corning Glass. It was founded on Corning's 100 year birthday. It has an insanely huge gift shop, one of the largest in the world. That sells pretty much anything glass related that you could imagine. The museum itself has 35 centuries of glass art and artifacts on display. And they're bloody beautiful.

They have live glassmaking shows every day (creatively called the Hot Glass Show). They also have a fiber optic demo every day as well. And also rather fun, they have a glass breaking demo. And they have an art studio where they teach folks how to make glass art.

Most museums have a mixed bag of art. Maybe tops a quarter of the collection is great or captivating. Not everyone digs every type of art, so they have to cater to many tastes. Corning Museum? Nearly everything is either absolutely stunning or interesting. Way too much modern art that gets displayed looks like it could be make by a five year old handed random materials. Not here. Even the contemporary modern art is amazing, and contemporary modern art is usually terrible.

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