National Museum of the USAF

The National Museum of the US Air Force has an insane number of aircraft. Near every single aircraft fielded by the USAF. It's 1,120,000 sqft over several interconnected buildings. It's located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, outside of Dayton Ohio. There are 360 aircraft and missiles on display. It has a very large number of rare aircraft and artifacts. Apollo 15 Command Module Endeavour, one of four surviving Convair B-36 Peacemakers, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress that bombed Nagasaki, the Boeing B-17F Memphis Belle, several Presidential aircraft.

Including the only XB-70 Valkyrie left. Only two were made and one was lost in a mid-air collision during a photoshoot. It's insanely large, 185 ft long and 105 ft wide. It looks like a Star Destroyer from Star Wars. I suspect the movie folks borrowed some design elements from the Valkyrie.

They even have a collection of ICBMs in a very tall room that is not so coincidentally very silo shaped. They don't have a Space Shuttle, but they do have a Space Shuttle trainer that you can walk through. There is a Titan IVB, which was the U.S. Air Force’s largest and most powerful expendable single-use rocket. There's also Mercury and Gemini spacecraft, as well as many spacesuits.

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