Coffee Table

Heavy Duty Coffee Table

Finished Table

Parts List - HDCT

  • Big slab of Carrera Marble
  • 2 inch thick solid wood slab
  • Steel frame
  • Steel tubing legs with cross-struts

Build - HDCT 1.0

Very easy build. Frame and legs were made for each other, and assembled with six thumb screws per. Took about 30 seconds to assemble at the end. I somehow acquired a slab of marble worth several hundred bucks by accident. Figured I should do something interesting with it, so I decided to embed it in a coffee table.

Cutting the sizing right wasn’t complicated, just took a lot of tape to prevent scratches and allow me to draw out the size on said tape. Milling out the wood for the coffee table was the only hard part. I started off with using a Forster bit, that didn’t go well. I switched to just a router with a pretty big bit. That went much better, but took forever. A corner chisel was absolutely essential to make neat clean corners. Then used a jig saw to cut out a panel to make it easier to remove the marble slab. The side ports weren’t really needed, but oh well. Less weight.

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